Christian Environment

Christian Values

Guidelines are strictly, justly, quickly, and kindly enforced, creating an atmosphere that is orderly and conducive to learning.

For many years there has not been a single incidence of drug, alcohol, or tobacco use on campus.  There are no teen pregnancies.  Violence, profanity, and bullying of any kind is not tolerated.

We enforce a uniform code for equality, modesty, & focus.



Families choose SCA because they are committed to quality education and spiritual well-being.  Our parents are willing to pay the cost of tuition to fulfill that commitment.  Our students tend to be serious about their studies and passionate about their religious dedication.  At our campus, your student will be surrounded by teachers and other students who share your values as citizens and Christians.


Students strive together for excellence in academics, music, arts, and sports.  The bar of expectation is raised collectively as individuals set and reach ever increasing goals for personal growth.   

Varsity & Junior Varsity volleyball and Junior Varsity basketball programs provide opportunities for students to develop physical skills and leadership qualities in a safe and controlled environment.  Elementary intramural volleyball & basketball programs are available as well.  We have an exciting schedule that includes several tournaments and many games throughout the year.  Teams are open to anyone who is ready to be committed to a rigorous practice and game schedule.

At SCA, your child will develop relationships with other students who will be a positive influence today and in the years to come.